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eCharge Stations for home and Business
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We offer solutions on the installation of eCharger Stations in South Florida. We provide the necessary expertise, resources and support to facilitate the successful deployment of the eCharge station for your home, business or multifamily locations. Call us now for more information.

We are leading the process of eCharge Stations installation in South Florida

Our residential smart charging stations offer a comprehensive solution that allows you to charge your electric vehicle with speed, convenience, and cost-effectiveness

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Our commercial smart charging stations are designed to provide fast and efficient charging, allowing multiple vehicles to charge simultaneously..

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COMMING SOON If you are interested to know more about Station eCharger contact us

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  • Level 1

    Level 1

    Up to 5 km, 30 minutes
  • Level 2

    Level 2

    Up to 20 km, 30 minutes
  • Level 3

    Level 3

    Up to 50 km, 30 minutes
  • Level 4

    Level 4

    Up to 100 km, 30 minutes

Advantages of using eCharge for electric car?

  • 01

    High quality

    Experience the future of high quality with eCharge's state-of-the-art charging equipment and technology
  • 02

    Incentive Programs

    Incentive programs can help make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible for drivers
  • 03

    Smart connected

    Switching to an EV is a smart choice for drivers looking to save money, reduce their environmental impact
  • 04

    Quick installation

    Join the electric revolution with eCharge's reliable charging solutions
  • 05

    Free Support

    Choose eCharge for reliable support on eco-friendly charging solutions for your electric vehicle."
  • 06

    Access control

    Make the switch to electric and enjoy fast and convenient access control with eCharge

Compatible with all vehicle brands


$ 0.05 per Mile

$ 0.14 per mile gas car

EV is about 3 times cheaper per mile than the cost of fueling a gas-powered car. Based on driving a compact sedan, you will pay approximately $0.05 per mile to charge your EV compared to $0.14 to fuel your gas-powered car

750,00 electric cars

Sold in 2022 in USA

The International Energy Agency has reported that global electric car sales rose by approximately 60% in 2022, exceeding 10 million for the first time, despite weak overall car sales during the year. This means that one out of every seven passenger cars purchased globally in 2022 was an electric vehicle

Get your

eCharge NOW!

We offer a FREE consultation for our services. Our team will visit your location and provide a free assessment to determine the best electric vehicle eCharging station solutions for your needs. Please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Choose your ready-made solution

Home charging

Home charging

$ 1,450*
  • Charging station for home
  • Charge point setting
  • Free Support
  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • Remote access to the device
  • *Starting cost *


$ 2,500*
  • Multifamily eCharging station
  • Charge point setting
  • Free Support
  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • Remote access to the device
  • *Starting cost *
Commercial systems

Commercial systems

$ 1,950*
  • Commercial eCharging station
  • Charge point setting
  • Premium Support
  • 3 year hardware warranty
  • Remote access to the device
  • *Starting cost*
Our Vision:

To make it easy and convenient for electric car owners to charge their vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint.

Expanding eCharge Stations around Florida in 2023

In 2023, we are expanding our operations in South Florida. As part of our expansion, we will be installing new electric vehicle charging stations across the region. To make it easier for drivers to locate our charging stations, we are developing mobile apps that will provide real-time information on the locations of our charging stations. With our user-friendly mobile apps, drivers will be able to easily find our charging stations and recharge their vehicles hassle-free.

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